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Sample Ballot

First Vote NC Ballot

Ballot Marking Instructions:

  1. Completely fill in the oval to the left of each selection of your choice as shown.
  2. For the purposes of this simulation election, at least one selection for every contest is required. If you do not wish to cast a vote for a particular contest, mark "No Selection."

CITY OF Elizabeth City


(You may vote for 1)

City Council 1st Ward

(You may vote for 2)

City Council 2nd Ward

(You may vote for 2)



Issue #1

I believe the news I read on social media sites is accurate.

Issue #2

What grade would you give yourself on your knowledge about personal finance ex. budgeting, banking, credit cards?

Issue #3

What has been the biggest influence on how you learn about managing your money?

Issue #4

After graduation, what do you plan to do next?

End of Ballot